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Teleportation is present in all three Creatures games and Docking Station, through special devices.

In Creatures 1, the four teleporters in Albia operate in pairs. For example, the teleporter in the garden will only take creatures to the teleporter by the learning computer, and vice versa.

Creatures 3 features only random teleportation, though it can be controlled by the simple process of making sure that only the two teleporters you want to use (the beginning and destination) are switched on.

In Creatures 2, teleporters have two buttons. The top one takes creatures back to the incubator room, while the bottom transports them to a random location. The only way to get creatures out of the gene splicing room in C2 is by teleporter, though there is another way in (via a mover).

Docking Station features small portable teleporters in each of the rooms except the Workshop, which contains the hub to which all the other portable teleporters go. There is no random teleportation, except if (or when) Norns push the buttons on the hub teleporter at random. The Warp is also a type of teleportation, though it is nowhere near as accurate and crosses parallel realities as well as ordinary distances.

The Treehugger Norns come with a random teleportation device agent, and in the conclusion to the Lone Shee's story the same devices was used by the Banshee Grendels to invade the Capillata.

It is entirely possible that the Shee invented teleportation simply so they could get hold of their tea and biscuits quicker. And it is highly probable that they invented it before the wheel.