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The Creatures Match

Summary of Content[]

A strange mix of wolfling run, breeding stories, and what many would consider norn torture, this site matched various creatures against one another in Albia, and documents the results. Includes many, many screenshots.

GreenReaper: Actually, some of the match descriptions are really quite neat and don't end up the way you'd expect. Worth a read.


The Creatures Match has had many hosts (and at least one imitator). Initially entitled The Norn Deathmatch, it proudly proclaims to be "older than the [JNCOBOY] EVERYONE READ!!!! thread!". The initial match took place "roughtly a month before Creatures 2 was released" (28 August 1998).

The site suffered a setback when on 20 September 1999 the entire site content was deleted. By this time it was already on its second official design. The site was rewritten and moved to HomeCreatures, where it would stay until the end of summer of 2000.

Interesting Facts[]

  • The first match involved eight norns
  • Would have remained The Norn Deathmatch, only:
    1. People wanted to see other creatures included
    2. Phantom's mum wanted him to take the "death" bit out
  • Phantom often did matches with narrations