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Summary of Content[]

Dedicated to Creatures 1. It has some feral run norns and some interesting additions like the Sailor Norns and a modified kiss2.wav.

  • Feral Norns: It's sort of a twist on the wolfling idea, except I start with educated Norns, and let them run wild.
  • Dark Albia: Warning! Not Apropriate for kids! Sick and Disgusting things ahead! Sailor Norns, Search for the Biker COB, Norn Torture Pics Wanted!, New Norn Mating Sound

"Well, the Sailor Norns are ready, although I'm thinking of changing the name to Biker Norn. These are not for kids, but they're funny as hell. Now you no longer need to have a dirty mind to make lewd associations to what they say. Now they say it in plain english(french?)."