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The Universe of Ettins

Sister site to The Grendel Mother, The Universe of Ettins has interesting information on all games in the Creatures series.

  • Addresses:
  • Webmaster: Trix
  • Ran from/to: 6 Feburary 2002 - current (new updates in August 2006)

Summary of Content[]

Lots, ettin-related and otherwise. Also contains a Creatures breed list, tutorials and some stories. List:

History of Website[]

Development started 3 January 2002 and the site went live just over a month later. This due to Nina's (of Iggdrasil) persistant complaints that Trix should make her own breed and should have a website. Nina literally reserved Trix a webpage and more than a few e-mails travelled between them before Trix knew how to make a webpage. The site moved to its own domain at the end of 2002.

Revamped with a new yellow design in August 2006 for the CCSF because yellow is a happy colour and Trix is known to like the colour (sometimes to freak out her friends with).

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