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Tilynn Male
Editnorn This article is about a project that is in development.
Information may change significantly as the project progresses.

This is just a preview of a breed in progress. Pictures taken from in game.

ATTENTION!! All life stages available! files have been up for some time but it seems some still have not noticed this even though below I have noted this fact. Still in Beta as they still need work, but they work in game and look pretty fair.

Download the latest 3

Tilynn Female

files for updating if you had previously only gotten the Beta with the Adult sprites. These genetics are more stable as their mutation chance is much lower.

As of Jan 2009, I am working on finding a new host for the file and also a new agent file so that the image and body data files do not have to be installed by hand.

Download link Available in Download: Genetics are final and in agent form, lifestages 'for Youth and Child are available in Beta form, useable but still in need of improvement.


This preview shows my progress on the Tilynn lifestages and also the new tails for the females, which are now a golden color instead of the grey.

To do: clean outer edges of body, shoulder, and tail tufts of Baby and Youth stages. Also I have to use previously fixed head sprites instead of of the quick and dirty heads I have now. To make the female tail slightly less bright to better match the hair.


Watch this page for updates, this Project is nearing completion.