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WILD is a CAOS command used to read lines of text from catalogue files.


Syntax: WILD family(int) genus(int) species(int) tag(string) offset(int)

Used in place of a string constant or variable.

Searches for the catalogue tag provided plus the family, genus and species, returning the string in the catalogue at the offset provided, 0 being the first string (field) after the tag. For example, WILD 2 4 8 "Agent Help" 0 would look for "Agent Help 2 4 8".

If the exact tag cannot be found, WILD will search through the wildcards (in the above example, "Agent Help 2 4 0" down through to "Agent Help 0 0 0") until a tag is found, or throw a "Catalogue Error" if no suitable tag exists.

If the tag exists but there is no field at offset, WILD will not fall back lower to see if the field exists. Instead it will produce an 'index out of range' catalogue error.


WILD used in the command line to output the agent help name of '2 21 34'. The first response is if you have the Bondi Norns, the second (which is "Agent Help 0 0 0" 0) if not.

OUTS WILD 2 21 34 "Agent Help" 0
    "Beach Ball"
    "Unknown Agent"

Being used to read names as part of a custom autonamer:

SETV va01 RAND 0 99
SETS va02 WILD 2 40 800 "Names" va01
HIST NAME va00 va02

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