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  • v. wall*bonked, wall*bonk*ing, wall*bonks
  • v. intr. To collide against a wall or similar object: The Norn wallbonked as he tried to get the toy two rooms away.
  • n. A hollow thud made when a Norn makes contact with a wall or similar object.

Wallbonking is a frustrating occurance in every Creatures game, where a creature (usually a Norn) will repeatedly attempt to walk into a wall, despite their initial failure to pass through to the other side. This is especially common behavior in Creatures 1 and Creatures 2. In C2, it may be an indicator that the creature in question suffers from OHSS.

The problem is mainly caused by incorrect values in the turning response to collision with a wall. The chemical (one of two responsible for the turning response) was released in a large quantity with too long a half life, leading to the Norn turning 360 degrees to face the wall it had just walked into.