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Chichi Wingy Bengal Wingy Civet Wingy Yellowstone Wingy

General Information[]

The Wingy Norns weren't meant as a special breed. It was, instead, a project to give people the opportunity to create new breeds with wings.

As any big changes on sprite files in a breed need new body data, Alien designed the wings, attached them to the upper arm, and made new body data for the upper arm sprites in order for everyone to participate and copy the idea of having a breed with wings.

The new upper arm sprites and body data for Chichi Wingies, Bengal Wingies and Civet Wingies are available at Alien's Creatures World

For the Yellowstone Wingies the original sprites from the Yellowstone Norns from Mummy where taken, wings got attached and made into a new breed, the Yellowstone Wingies. The altered upper arm sprites for the original Yellowstone Norns can be downloaded at Alien's Creatures World. The complete new breed "Yellowstone Wingies" was a present to Mummy's Birthday and can be downloaded at her site, Mummy's Creatures.

Red Dragon of Creature City made new breeds out of the Chichi Wingies (Norn Slot R), Bengal Wingies (Ettin Slot B) and Civet Wingies (Slot Ettin Q). They can be downloaded at Alien's Creatures World, as well as at Creature City. Red Dragon also gave the Bruin Norns and Magma Norns wings and the resulting breeds "Bruin Wingies" (Geat Slot K) and "Magma Wingies" (Ettin Slot V) can be obtained at Creature City.

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