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A world is the enviornment in which the Norns, Grendels, and Ettins live. Each game comes with a default world. In Creatures and Creatures 2, this world is called Albia. In Creatures 3 and Docking Station, the worlds are made up of several metarooms, which compose the Shee Ark.

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Creating New Worlds in Creatures and Creatures 2[]


Though Creatures 3 and Docking Station both allow the user to create multiple worlds within their game, this same luxury is not readily available in the first two games. Nevertheless, it is still possible to create new worlds:

Making New Worlds with the World Switcher for Creatures 2[]

  • You can download the World Switcher from the Gameware website. It also comes with Creatures 2 Life Kit #1
  • After installing the World Switcher, it will appear during every load-up of Creatures 2. Simply click on the Create Game button, fill in the blanks, and push OK.
  • To access your new world, just click on it's name in the list of worlds and hit OK. Your original world is named World.sfc.

Making New Worlds with the Cheats[]

  • Activate the Darwin/Doctor/Cheese/Skirty cheat (C1) or the Blueberry4$/TheCoconutGrove cheat (C2). This may be accomplished by a registry edit or through BoBCoB.
  • Open the desired game. You might be greeted with an empty Albia, void of COBs, critters, and norns. DON'T PANIC! Your original world is still there, it's just not open. There should be a new menu option called World. Go World > Open and open the file Eden.sfc.
  • Now you should see a "clean" Albia. Go to World > Save As and save the world under a new name.
  • To choose which world you want to interact with, go to World > Open > "World Name." Your original world is contained in the World.sfc file and can be opened at any time.

WARNING: Saving over the Eden.sfc file will keep you from creating "clean" Albias. Also, autosave is disabled when these cheats are on, so please save your game often, by going into World > Save.

Third-Party Worlds[]

Third-Party worlds are worlds that have been designed and created by members of the Creatures Community. Most notable among these worlds is Terra Nornia, the first third-party world ever created.

External Links[]

Download the C2 World Switcher Here