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Zaharo Screenshot

Zaharo is a halloween-themed metaroom by Zareb, released on the first CCSF (Creatures Community Spirit Festival).

Completely original graphics, including a new type of plant and new type of fish make it a very authentic room, well worth the download, according to many of those who tried it.

It is a small room with both land and underwater sections.

Scary Pumpkins included!

Small history:

  • Day one: Project begins
  • Day one, +3 hours: Background finished
  • Day two: zareb coded his first agent: The Scary Pumpkins
  • Day three: Release

After the release, spurred on by community advice, zareb decided to do his first 'complex' CAOS: a fish and a plant for the room.

You can download this room and its two agents at Zareb's Creations.